I had a great weekend, having two long rides in the bush (unfortunately, the last one ended up with my borrowing my horse and Arwen getting limp again, so I may not be out for a ride in while…) and catching up on some much needed sleep.


On Friday evening, Tabita came on and stayed the night, and we had a fabulous Saturday morning enjoying all the crazy animals at Ishtar’s Ark.


One of Tabita’s favourite happening right now is when we take Sahara for a tour around the house. As soon as she’s unleashed, she takes off in full speed-


…and within seconds, the Mugu Trio (the goats and the dog) appear from nowhere and join the fun.


So at the end of the day, we all had plenty of exercise running around the house and giving all the animals a good shower.


Now that we’re in the middle of the warm season, even Dennis comes asking for a shower.


The goats however were more concentrated on eating some of the horse fodder than cooling down… :-)