My dad and my sister are on their way to Zinder right now and will be arriving here sometime tonight.


Zinder 1988

It’s been a few years now since Miriam was here (since my mom was evacuated in 2006) and since I don’t spend much time in Sweden anymore, you can imagine my delight in seeing her again!


When I’m in Sweden, I always stay at her place, and so this will be the first time she stays at mine (seeing we’re meeting in Niger instead of Sweden!).


The standards of course won’t be the same,



…but I have taken time lately to upgrade the veranda. The pool is looking fabulously inviting nowadays after the last coating of white pool paint! And it’s the only place where I can actually sunbathe during the Nigerien warm season without risking a heat stroke!


The plants on the veranda are thriving (perhaps because I water them three times a day…?) and the garden is starting to look very fab!


Sahara has finally got over the worst of her limp and is now being taken out for walks in the bush, which is exactly what my sister would love.


I hear she’s a bit worried about making friends with our vicious guard dog, but Dennis is coming around so I’m pretty sure we’ll be just fine. Looking forward to seeing her tonight!