The little kitten has finally got a name!


With her slim features, I thought that an Egyptian name would sit well with her somewhat queenish behaviour. Since Cleopatra was out of the question, Nefertiti on the other hand turned out to be a perfect match! So her full ‘Ishtar’s ark name’ is now officially Nefertiti dan Musa (dan musa means kitten in Hausa) as I could not find a proper Hausa equivalent for ‘diva’… :-)


Hanna asked in Nefertiti’s last post if it was possible to pick her up, and yes, it is.


She approaches by herself, wanting to be picked up, but lol, it’s not really as lovable as it sounds because she keeps letting me know she’d like a piece of the dog’s meat… However, beggars can’t be choosers and she does just fine with her rice and milk for the time being.


The big surprise however is the level of interest between cat and dog at Ishtar’s ark. Although both Dennis and Nefertiti claim to be in war with one another, I have caught them sniffing and greeting one another several times now. This means that the cat will eventually expand its area of interest into the rest of the garden, and from the looks of things, she had managed to charm the very evil dog. He may not be her biggest fan yet, but she has certainly managed to catch his interest! And on a different note, she is female, so maybe it’s not so surprising anyway…