Omelets of various kinds are among my absolute favourite solar oven dishes. The other day, I made a super simple brunch version using eggs, tomatoes, basil leaves and spices. Easy, simple and ready in no-time!


For a more complicated version, I suggest this taste, vegetable-filled famine food omelet!


Ishtar’s Vegetarian Solar Cooker Omelet Recipe

1 dl of dried mushrooms
1-2 dl of fresh green leaves
8 chopped tomatoes
2 carrots (finely sliced)
8 eggs

Mix all your ingredients in a black pan, and place in your solar oven for about 3-5 hours (depending on the sunshine).


Omelets finish quickly and become too dry for my taste if they stay in the solar oven a whole day, which is why they make such good brunch material!


When your omelet is ready, bring it inside, but in our case, be aware of professional Ishtar beggars!


Your food is now ready to be enjoyed!

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