Abdulmumuni is a tradesman (son of the market, as you would say in Hausa) at the market of Zinder, who specializes in a local delicacy: sun dried locusts/grasshoppers.


Although the idea of eating locusts can be repulsive to many, it is a question of mindset. I just read on the Internet that in ancient Greece and Rome, locusts were considered a delicacy superior to the best meat or fish. In Zinder, they sell as the most expensive food on the entire market.


Rich in proteins, vitamins and minerals, they are a much appreciated part of Nigerien food culture.


When caught naturally, they are a healthy source of proteins for growing children.


Although selling at a whooping 1500 CFA/tiya (the bowl in white, a local measurement unit), the demand is high and clients keep coming in.


Locusts are sold all year round, but when there are not enough locusts to be found in the bush, Abdulmumuni sells piri-piri (red pepper) and haya (a local groundnut) instead. His favourite however is by far the sun dried locusts, which generate the highest income!