It’s been a while since I posted a new solar cooking recipe, but that’s not because I don’t solar cook (because I do on a daily basis) but because I haven’t been trying any seriously new things for a while. The thing about me is that I next to never cook the same thing twice, so although I have a couple of favorites (peanut casserole, curry casserole, taco casserole, mushroom casserole), they always end up with a new little twist – though not so huge that it inspires me to fetch my camera and document the process.


Recently however, the greengrocer came with more carrots that Anette and I could possible eat in a week or two, and the excess of carrots in the house made me think of carrot soup.


A simple, sweet and tender carrot soup was what I had in mind, and so before heading off to work in the morning, I placed a casserole with grated carrots in our solar oven.


It did not take many hours before the carrots were well cooked and ready.


I blended them in the mixer (but they were so soft, I could have done it my hand) and set about mixing it to my taste. A cup of milk, two stockcubes, a touch of salt, a touch of pepper, and then some horseraddish to contrast the sweetness of the carrots.


As I am so often getting credit for Anette’s pictures on this blog, Anette had to present the soup!


The Simple Solar Cooked Carrot Soup Recipe:

10-12 medium + sized carrots
2,5 dl / 1 cup of milk
2 stock cubes
1 tea spoon of horseradish


Served it with a table spoon of cottage cheese and sprinkled with some parsley. Ready to go!


And don’t forget dessert!