The first rain of the season offered a comfortable break from the humid heat that had been going on for the past two weeks, as well as a garden full of naturally showered animals!


The critters themselves were happy with the change of temperature, but some of them (Dennis Mugu in particular) voiced their protest against the natural shower and could not understand our delight in their new fuzzy coats!


Aw – an ark full of fuzzy creatures!


The horses showed mix reactions.


This was four-month-old Kalahari’s first rain experience, and in the morning that followed, she was still on high alert.


Isolde, who was born in the rainy season seemed fine with the recent downpour, which had an amazing effect on her previously so unruly hair!


As soon as they were let out, the herd set off to investigate their “new” environment.


“Wet sand” was an interesting concept that demanded close attention.


It did not take long for Sahara to break up the discovering-party, as she ordered the herd to get started with their morning exercise.


Arwen looked lovely as she set off in the wrong direction.


With Kalahari – her constant fan – right behind her!


Sahara had much to give and wasted energy while jumping over the log.


She then made sure to collect the herd,


and then steer them in the direction that she wanted. A true leader, in other words!


Esmeralda the Nigerien goat seemed unhappy about last night’s downpoor and cared little for her shiny coat.


Her daughter Allis was super-social and tried to follow Anette on to the veranda. She probably would have followed her indoors too, but hey, where the dogs aren’t allowed, the goats aren’t either!


Dennis was cuddly and in Sheba’s absence (more on that in a minute) seemed to sense my canine void. When he’s not whining, barking, marking humans as his territory or killing my cat, he is actually quite sweet – our statuesque teddy bear. Although he still has a number of issues, he keeps his spot at Ishtar’s Ark because he is a fabulous guard dog (with his aggression issues now under control) and after two years together, we’ve grown to like this old bandit.


As for Sheba, she spent the night at the Eden office, roaming about with her German shepherd friend Kinza.


She went on heat some ten days ago and we nearly had an accident on the street, when she invited her favourite boyfriend Whiskey for some romantic play.


The office is the only place where I can keep her from the boys.


We tried keeping Dennis in the goat pen (which used to be a dogkennel), but he jumped the fence (first time ever!) and put on his best charm for the lady, who was thrilled to see him back in liberty and eager to play. Anette and I were not so pleased, and from that day on, Sheba has been staying at the office, regardless of how much we miss having her at home.

After the rains, she was very happy to see us and kept running between us.


Smelling like a puppy again!


Over at the other end of the garden, suitor #3 (Baghera) couldn’t understand why he was spending the night in the kennel, but hopefully, Sheba will go “off” heat soon, and all will be back to normal!