Our once-upon-a-time baby Rhodesian ridgeback puppy from Sweden, who flew with me to Niger, has grown!


Sheba (Ridgebow’s Radiant Reya of Navy) is simply not a little girl anymore!


Knowing we wouldn’t be there for her monthly birthday, we celebrated with some fresh goat milk. There are few things our dogs love as much as fresh goat milk, as you can tell by the canine concentration on the picture above!


Sheba the Rhodesian ridgeback has amazing self-composure where only the tip of her tail will give her eagerness away, while Dennis Mugu the part Azawakh keeps bouncing in his seat with anticipation. Finally, Anette gave the green light and both dogs dug in for the creamy treat!


Ever since she was little, goat milk has been one of the best things Sheba can think of, and the bowl was always licked clean.

200906-sheba-img_0587Just as it was now.


Thank you, Allis & Esmeralda!


Happy eleven months, Sheba! Can’t believe what a beautiful big lady you’ve grown into!!