When I stepped out of the office a few nights ago, I was met by a stunning display of colours and sky activity. It was too late for those fabulous shots, but not too late to enjoy.


Wanting to give my dog some quality time, I took her to Aichatu’s to play with her new best friend, Snow. While they romped around in the dark doing RR stunts and Azawakh tricks, I shared a moment with Aichatu’s mother. We talked about family, health, work, tiredness and life. The kids sat in the sand watching the dogs perform. It was television time! I laughed listening to little Abdul as he spoke a whole paragraf of his admiration for Sheba’s stunts.


While the sky took on a brilliant red, the kids begged me to take pictures, the carrot being to see the images on the display. Little Hadisa (in yellow) was particularly forward and amazingly charming. Sheba and I stayed until the lights went out and it was time to go home.


The stunning sky lingered in the morning, producing a beautiful sunrise.


I went out to milk the goats,


…then took the dogs for a walk down Eden Street. I love going out early when the town is still.


Only the dogs (Brandy, Whiskey and Snow) were out, and Sheba took the opportunity to introduce her friends to Dennis. The males argued over hierarchy, but no fights erupted. Dennis, the undisputed senior in the group, carried his tail the highest and no one dared to challenge him.


Despite the presence of another male, Whiskey followed us home. The Azawakh is a tricky breed, so very, very proud and difficult to train. You must win their hearts to get access to their devotion, and if you do, they hold nothing back. I’ve known many nice Azawakhs throughout the years, but a handful stand out as exclusively precious. Whiskey is one of those dogs. He doens’t measure up to Aslan’s father Arthur (yet), but he has some beautiful qualities and would follow me to the end of the earth if only I would allow him. Such is the character of an Azawakh, who chooses his owner, regardless of who feeds him.


Although the sky isn’t always the main protagonist in our stories, many moments are shared underneath it. This was the view that followed us as we grabbed our bags and headed for a day at the office.

Another beautiful day!

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