When it comes to solar cooking, I like to keep it simple. Cooking in the sun makes every ingredient taste so much. My favourite solar dishes are the simple ones: meat & vegetables, peanut casserole, mushroom sauce. Solar cooking is great when you love to improvise, and although I have favourite themes, I rarely make the same dish twice. The dish above was made with dried mushroom from Sweden (picked and dried by Anette’s mother and soaked back to original format before heading out to the sun), carrots and whole tomatoes. Once I took it out, I poured some hot water and over it, mixed it with a little bit of milk powder, soy, spices and fresh onions. I always like to add something for texture, and my mother taught me that no dish is complete without “something green”.


Served with pasta, and voilà:  made from scratch, tasting of the sun, put together with little effort. Simple, fresh and healthy!