Ever since I read up on the huge amount of unnecessary chemicals that are being pumped into our food only to make finished products look better and last for next to eternity, I have taken a liking to making things from scratch.


Home-made goat cheese

There is something so very refreshing about food that spoils according to a natural lifespan; and I love how I don’t have to mix natural flavors, which are deep and variable, with the taste of chemical additives – which are plain and dominant.


We recently started making our own goat cheese, using the milk from our black doe Allis, whose milk is sweet and creamy. It’s amazing how milk can vary from one individual to another, which says something about the huge variety of tastes available to us, if we only take the time to enjoy.


I started out making goat yogurt (heating up the goat milk to “finger temperature” and mixing it with a few table spoons of yogurt, before leaving it in a cupboard over night),


…which I then let slip through a cloth for an afternoon to reduce the amount of liquid.


The end result was a creamy, crystal-white (!) soft-spread cheese, which I mixed with chopped garlic, onions, fresh basil and salt.


Served with fresh tomatoes and a sprinkle of black pepper, we have discovered that our home-made goat cheese doesn’t last long in our home – and it’s not for lack of chemical additives!

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