Over at the Ark, three year old equine newcomer Ivory (recently brought in from the bush) has adapted well and is now best friend with Arwen’s daughter Isolde. When she first came in, she was tired and behaved exemplary. A week later, she was hungry and inquisitive, then inquisitive and mischievous. Her communication skills (both todays humans and horses) reminded me of when our fillies were about four month old, and realised that having grown up tied to a post in the yard, she would pretty much have to speed through all the “instances” that a horse needs to go through in order to develop mentally. One and a half year old Isolde became her teacher and the two are now pretty much at the same level, both mentally and physically.


We recently brought our trio of three over to Josef and Renate’s garden, to allow them to stretch their legs and get rid of any excess energy they might hold in their bodies.


Isolde – who loves to run – was quick to set off with Ivory close behind.


Kalahari would have loved to be the boss of this subgroup, but as the youngest in the herd (and at a physical disadvantage as she is smaller too) she will have to wait for the time when the bigger horses follow her cue. Willpower is not always enough!


Although Kalahari is by far our “roundest” horse (sligthly overweight for a barb!), she loves galloping too and can come up with an impressive speed! Turns however is not really her thing (at least not her belly’s thing!) and so constantly took shortcuts to keep up with big sister Isolde.


Ivory was not used to Isolde’s steep curves either,


but eventually found herself enjoying the turns and showing off her beautiful relaxed gallop. She has such exquisite lines and is enjoyable both to ride and to watch!


Isolde was thrilled to be able to stretch her legs and kept at it for the mere joy of it.


The others did their best to follow!


Kimi – Tabita’s dog (and Sheba’s seventh pup) stood in the middle, taking it all in.


The equines running around in his yard called for some assistance!


At first he stayed with Isolde and Ivory,


…but quickly realised that Kalahari was the one in need of company.


Canine company however was not what Kalahari was looking for, so made an effort to join the other two.


Tabita had a lot of fun watching the girls go round and round in her yard!


Eventually, the speed took off,


…and our trio of youngsters settled down for some equine communication. Kalahari asked to be voted herd leader but her request was put down by the other two, who are busy working out a BFF (Best Friend Forever) Pact which may or may not include Kalahari, depending on where Isolde’s loyalies lie. It’s tricky business, being an equine teenager! Thankfully, they’ve got all the time in the world to work out their differences and to mature mentally, before it’s time to work with us humans on a more serious level.