On Saturday morning, Ramatu joined Anette and myself for an early ride.


This was a big day; not only because Ramatu dared to ride out by herself in the bush (in a country where women generally never ride) but because we got to do something together that both Anette and I love so much.


Ramatu did very well!


Riding Ebony, our Gentle Giant, Ramatu had no problems steering her horse and daring to amble.


We did not add any speed, but kept it simple. To me, it was amazing that Ramatu not only dared to ride a horse by herself, but also dared to ride in the open.


Ebony, Ramatu’s mount, was amazing. I will have to write a post about her soon; she has impressed me so much – but you cannot imagine my joy when a horse carries a newcomer with all the tenderness needed. Ramatu felt no fear on Ebony’s back, and was able to gain the much needed self-confidence for future experiences.


Sahara on the other hand was in a very bad mood, so Anette had to take her in the opposite direction to get her excess energy out of the system. It took about three outings during the weekend to get Sahara back in shape, so in this case, I suspect that our dominant mare might be getting into heat soon. We’ve been teasing her reguarly for the past few weeks, and last time she got to talk to Aldo (the intended sire), she was a little more interested than usual. We will check again in a few days.


As for Ramatu & myself, we had a great incident-free ride home.


The weather was beautiful and not too hot.


Arwen was in a good mood and powerwalked as usual,


…while Ramatu & Ebony ambled all the way home. Not a bad outing!


The best part of the outing was the reaction of Ramatu’s parents, who were both very proud of her. In a country where few women ride, and where some parents might not want their daughter to be the first to change the tide, this reaction meant a lot to me. At the end of the day, I was very proud of both horse and rider, and I don’t think Ramatu will want to skip the next riding lesson that is offered. Both Anette and I are looking forward to watching her grow together with Ebony, the gentle giant from the bush who in the short period of time that she has been with us, has already won her place in our hearts.

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