Everywhere I’ve been this past week, I’ve seen snow. Beautiful white snow. It is the kind that adults talk about and children dream about. Pure white snow.


Inbetween the beautiful and the pure, there are spots of tainted snow. It is the kind that adults accept with time, but which children can never dream about.

The best teachers in life are children, for they are born unspoiled and discover all things for the first time. With time, the white snow in our hearts risks being tainted by the mud we must wallow through. But as long as we let our hearts bleed for the good of others, the pure will stay pure and our love untainted.

I was told at the Transmediale.10 conference that the purpose of life is the journey itself and not the destination, and that idealism is ephemeral at best. According to one speaker, utopia should only be perceived as fleeting moments and never as a destination to be achieved.


To me, however, life is all about the final destination and utopia remains my dream. For the unspoiled is a world for both children and adults, and I could never settle for anything less.