When Love sees one of its own in agony, it mobilizes a search party that will not rest until it has found and embraced the one who went missing.

It sets off on a rescue mission that will endure any hardship that comes its way, burning with the fire of a heart that bleeds for the one who went missing.

The one who knows true love cannot stand idly in the face of pain, even when pain tries its best to scare love away.

There was a time in my life when I wished that the love embracing me would leave me to myself, figuring that the care and concern of those who loved me was robbing me of my freedom to follow a path of my own choosing.

At rage with love, what consumed me was an inexplicable desire to self-destruct, to claim my freedom by throwing myself head first into the flames.

At that time in my life, I was the one in need of rescue, and the one who would do anything to rescue me was my father.

He did not judge me, and he would not stay away no matter how hard I tried to scare him off.

In the end, that Embracing Love melted down the hard crust surrounding my heart and I found I was free to love again.

Since that day, I have been indebted to my father, for in that moment, the seeds of Embracing Love were sown in my heart.

True love is not about deserving, and it is not about keeping scores. It is a source of living water that will pour itself out for the one who is bleeding, until he bleeds no more.

The body knows when one of its limbs is in pain. Such is the nature of Embracing Love, a love that will not be discouraged but will grow stronger with every heartache.


Dad, there was a time when you would have gone to the other end of the world and abducted me just to bring me home. I could not have imagined then that there would come a day when our roles would be reversed. Regardless of the outcome I will never regret leaving all behind to shower you with the fruit of what you once helped sow: Embracing Love that endures for eternity.