I can’t believe it’s already been three days since we picked up the new Eden car, packed it over night and started the long journey the following morning! It feels so good to be on the road again, not only because we’re heading HOME, but also because it’s been fourteen years now since our last trans-Saharan crossing.


When we left Sweden, the sun was shining beautifully as we crossed the long, long bridge between my homeland and Denmark. From then on, it’s was all about driving, driving, driving; as we had three days to make it to the south of Italy.


On Thursday morning, we drove through Southern Germany. Such a beautiful, charming place!


Then came the Alps. Breathtakingly beautiful scenery will never look as grand on picture as it does in real life, but they were impressive and I enjoyed this part of the journey so much.



This is the place where you just can’t help yourself from singing “The hills are alive”! :-)


My sister in the Alps


During late afternoon, we came to the Appenine Mountains,


…and drove through the northern part of Italy.


Waking up in Tuscany on Friday morning,


…we drove south through colourful Italy…


…had a delicious Italian pizza,


…and then drove all the way south to the tip of the boot!


The sunset was stunning as we waited to take the boat from mainland Italy to Sicily.


I’d forgotten how turquoise the Mediterranean sea is, and although it was pretty cold in the air, the water looked tempting, lol!


It did not take long before the boat arrived that would take us across the waters.


After arriving in Messina, we then drove 250 km west to our final European destination: Palermo.


This morning, we woke up to a stunning view over the Mediterranean sea. If all goes well, we will take the boat to Tunis and from then on, continue south towards out final destination, Niger. For now, we’ve covered 3360 km but still have a way to go. Hope to get a chance to connect to the Internet once we’ve arrived at the next continent!