Looking back, I can’t believe the past season in Niger started with puppies!!!


Seven, to be specific.


Although the litter was absolutely not planned (with Sheba being far too young in my opinion), the seven Sheblings were a welcome addition to the Eden Office with its two terrains to be guarded.


One of the first dangers the puppies discovered were our pet baboons, Rez, Amalia and Julius.


Although his father Rez is known for having tricked little puppies and pulled hair from their coat, three year old Julius is much kinder version and tried to initiate contact without meaning harm.


Malva and Ronja were the daring investigators, but even they kept their distance, unlike Sheba, who at the age of four months was scratched in the face by Rez, whom tricked her into believing he was her friend.


Tabita, today the proud owner of Kimi, the seventh pup, was am eager helper with anything that had to do with the puppies.


Despite effort to assemble the lot for a group picture, one was often missing. On the picture above, it was Malva the inquisitive one, who had slipped out of view from the lens. Unfortunately, Malva died of canine piroplasmosis (a parasite-transmitted disease), just like her uncle Aslan. We miss her.


If I’d pick a favourite of the lot, it would be Roiboos. Roiboos stayed with Anette and me for three months (together with Malva and Tabita’s Kimi) and now lives with his uncle Baloo. His mother and sisters visit daily.


Of all the seniors (with the exception of their mother Sheba), “Uncle Baloo” was the best babysitter, for he loved to play!



And the Sheba Seven found Uncle Baloo’s tunnel system VERY exciting indeed…


Ronja works on overtaking obstacles :-)


Sheba with Malva and Kimi

Looking back, I’m amazed at how quickly puppyhood passes by, and am thankful there are so many pictures to enjoy! Hope you enjoyed it too!

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