The rainy season has started and the Zinder bush is turning green again. Once again, nature’s pantry is filling up with its generous selection of valuable, edible leaves – the ingredient of every sauce in the entire country.


I met Saada and Aichatu, two well-dressed village girls, on my last ride. They had just been out collecting herbs in the field for their evening meal and were happy to show their harvest.


Aichatu had a collection of yakuwa leaves,


…while Saada had collected malahiya.


I lingered for a while, talking to my new friends, asking how life was going in the village. All was well, they said. The rainy season had started, the millet had been sown, their younger brothers and sisters were in good health and the heat (hot season) was calming down.


As I was about to leave, I showed them the pictures I had just taken. The two girls burst out laughing, saying the pictures had turned out perfectly – as if they did not expect themselves to be so radiant on picture.

The bush is full of friendly people and I love to stop and get to know its inhabitants. I hope you enjoyed the encounter too!

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