During dry season, it gets too warm for Sheba to accompany us on our long bush rides after the tapkis (seasonal waterholes) dry out, but now that’s it has rained again, I took her out for a dip in the Dadin Serki waterhole.


As it was getting dark, we traveled the 7km distance at full speed (much to Sheba and the horses’ delight!), reaching the waterhole as the sun prepared to set for the night.


Although tired after her first full speed ride of the season (at least since my return to Niger in May), Sheba was NOT disappointed to find her favourite waterhole once again filled with (surprisingly cold) water. She immediately went to have a dip and did not emerge from her cold bath until she was fully refreshed. By then, the lights were almost out so there was no point in taking pictures, but now that the season has opened, I’m sure there will be lots of photo shooting opportunities to come!

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