With every other dog I’ve had, I always kept them away from people, allowing as little contact as possible in order not to frighten my neighbours (who are afraid of dogs). With Sheba however, this quickly proved impossible. Being a Rhodesian ridgeback, Sheba’s touch is different from an ordinary guard dog. Her home extends from our house (=Ishtar’s Ark) all the way to the Eden Office, and every neighbour in between is part of her “extended family”. The kids who belong to Eden Street need not fear her; she knows exactly who belongs and who doesn’t. And if you don’t belong to Eden Street, you can expect an RR inspection on your third or fourth visit…

Having a Rhodesian ridgeback is really like having a most social Golden Retriever, who can and will convert into a serious and courageous bodyguard, should the situation call for it.

The longer I enjoy my ridgeback, the more I understand the saying “Once you’ve had a ridgeback, you can never chose another dog…”