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For the animals in the bush, the rainy season is the best season fodderwise, as the ground is full of fresh greens.


For city animals however, the rainy season does not begin until the bush animals have had their share and the surplus of green grass makes it way to the city markets. Which has not begun to happen yet.


However, this year, the critters of Ishtar’s Ark were exceptionally early in getting daily rations of green feed, as Habu (who cares for them) went looking in the bush to buy the fresh grass, instead of waiting for the grass to make it to town.


The horses were very happy with this arrangement and now spend every morning and afternoon eating delicate greens.


I, of course, was happy to enjoy a photoshooting session with the horses lined up so beautifully.


Sheba had to come and see what could be so interesting as to catch my full attention.


Although she worked her mind as hard as she could, she could not understand my sudden fascination in horse food.


Isolde tried to explain the concept of green grass vs plain dried grass,


…but Sheba found the discourse uninteresting.I, however, got a beautiful headshot of Isolde, who is looking more and more like a mature horse for every day. Such a beauty!


I can spend a lot of time just watching the animals go about in their daily activity.


There’s something very soothing about happy, healthy animals,


…lost in their world of Great Little Things.


Sahara came by and offered a stunning pose, that I took and sent to her owner Anette (who will be heading back in five weeks!).


As the herd moved about, looking for specific favorites amongst the various kinds of greens, I decided it was time for an Anette-update.


Healthy Ebony, mated in January (to a stallion named Gobra) and looking the part.


Arwen, mated a week before Ebony, has a record of keeping a very small tight “ciki” (pregnancy-belly) until the last three months when the foal is due. At this point, I cannot confirm nor exclude the fact that she might be expecting.


Sahara, the last of our mature mares, was mated to Zinder legend Aldo during hot season earlier this year. Only a few months pregnant, it is still impossible to tell whether she’s expecting or not.


As for our single (unmated) ladies, Ivory (almost four) is still behaving like a young filly. During hot season, she lost some weight and was treated for piroplasmosis. She has now recovered and is doing well, gaining weight according to the huge intake of food that she has. With the exception of our barrel Ebony, Ivory is our biggest eater.


Our own-raised Isolde and Kalahari will be turning two in September and January. Isolde has now passed her mother in height and width but not yet in length (from head to tail). She is a beauty and I cannot get enough of her. Kalahari is undergoing a growing phase where she is losing the roundness of her belly in exchange of long legs. She is now as tall as her mother was at the age of 2,5 when we purchased her from the bush. Sahara went on to add 7 cm in height and I’m positive that Kalahari will grow too.


That’s all from the equines of Isthar’s Ark for this week. Weekend greetings to you all!