I found this image in the archives and it made me smile. According to a series of images taken by Inger during her and Staffan’s December stay, Anette was trying to cut the nails of Sheba’s eldest daughter Daya.

Ronja - Anette’s constant companion, sits to her right while Sandy has placed himself right behind her.

Daya, who at the time was the most obstinate of the Sheba Seven (this has changed over the last couple of months, as Daya is maturing into a wise little lady) is not being her most cooperative self.

Daya’s mother Sheba is definitively NOT helping as she takes the opportunity to teach her eldest daughter a good RR wrestling trick (which Daya is happy to respond to).

Anette looks throughly delighted (not!) and I am left smiling, admiring her patience and dedication to the impossible task of getting through to one dog while the others are present. At the end of the day, however, Anette did win the battle and when she comes back in mid September, I’m sure that one of the first things she’ll do is sit down with the Sheba Seven and deal with any excess growth of canine claws.

Looking forward to having you back soon, Anette! Am counting the days until you return.