I can’t believe our princess Isolde is 2 years old today!


Isolde yar’Arwen, born September 1st 2008


Wasn’t it just yesterday that I came back from Sweden and found a delightful little filly in the garden of Isthar’s Ark? Isolde yar’Arwen was the first filly born in our care. Raising an equine from the very beginning has been such an experience and Isolde has taught us so much.


Today, Isolde is a stunning beauty, the perfect mix of her two 100% Nigerien Barb parents, Arwen and racing champion DanMaffia.

Although we’ve had a few trials along the way – including the summer when Ali didn’t care for the horses and Isolde lost so much weight – I can truly say on her second birthday that Isolde has grown into everything I envisaged when I mated Arwen nearly three years ago!


She has already passed her mother in height and weight, and I have a feeling she will grow more.


Her back part is very tall (taller than Sahara) and I am certain that the front will catch up.


As for her life in general, Isolde is still “twins” with Sahara’s four-month younger offspring Kalahari, and the two are pretty much inseparable.


Except for when Isolde wants to hang around with Ivory, who, although almost two years older is so much less developed than Isolde (having grown up in the bush).


Personality-wise, Isolde is gentle character – very social when it comes to both equines and humans.


Curiosity is one of her main traits and she always wants to know what we humans are up to.


As a teenager, she was hopelessly set on chewing on EVERYTHING we own, but during the past year, Isolde has matured into a beautiful and intelligent equine being and I sense the adult horse she is turning into.


In looks, she takes on her father more than her mother, but like Habu says: “Isolde does not look like Arwen nor DanMaffia. Isolde looks like Isolde!” :-)


Isolde, you are such a beautiful equine! You make me smile with pride and joy every time I look at you and you enhance our herd with your unique spirit.

Happy 2nd birthday, Isolde yar’Arwen!

We are looking forward to the years to come!