After a successful birthday ride in the bush, I decided to take Tabita for a real riding lesson, where both of us got to ride a horse each. Ebony is the perfect beginner’s horse as she is both comfortable to ride and very reliable. There simply are no surprises with Ebony, and if there is one thing to be aware of, it’s not to lose too much ground towards the other more hot-tempered horses. Steering was not an issue, but Tabita found it hard to get Ebony to pick up speed.


Thankfully, Ebony lets herself be ponied easily, and with Ebony next to me, Tabita got to work on her own ambling skills. It takes a lot of muscles to join the big girls for a real ride, but Tabita did well. We kept the ride as short as the horses will allow (without feeling cheated on an excursion) and on our way back, Tabita wanted to go either further.


However, the sun was setting and it was time to bring both horse and girl home. After a short break of water and cookies, we ambled home and this time, Tabita did not have any trouble keeping Ebony together with Arwen.


Once home, we met up with Tabita’s mother Renate and sister Priscilla, who helped us cross the main road. Priscilla, who has been way more weary of horseback riding than Tabita, was offered to ride home with me in my saddle, and the smile on the picture I took says it all.


Lol, she loved it so much that even after we had ridden around the house and it was time to jump off, Priscilla told her mother that no,she was not the least ready to get back on the ground! :-) But all good things have to come to an end. The good news however is that Priscilla and Tabita live on three houses away from their horse-loving aunt, and I am sure there will be many more riding lesson offers coming their way… :-)