One of the reasons we have goats over at Ishtar’s Ark is because we are very fond of home-made goat cheese (in a city where cheese is very hard to come by). Unfortunately for us, our adult does Esmeralda and Allis have not produce any offspring the past year, despite spending nearly a month with a buck in the beginning of the year.


When Habu heard of our problems, he brought us a gorgeous buck for loans – the gorgeous gentleman above (yes, he was a gentleman, despite being a buck!) was named Mozart.


For Mozart, his stay at the Ark involved a new set of life experiences.


First there were the ladies, of course,


…of whom one (Esmeralda, the boss) was particularly difficult to please.


Then there were the canines, directed by Sheba’s daughter Daya who knows the difference between a “goat that belongs to the Ark” and a newcomer.


Then there were the horses; who although scary in their appearance offered gorgeous food!


(The same food is actually served in the goat pen, but for some unexplainable reason, the goats prefer to eat with the horses.)


Then there was the dog food left-overs; sometimes guarded by bossy Daya – but not all the time! Mozart was very fond of cooked rice and vegetables.


Mozart was definitively the coolest looking goat I have ever seen, and he was such a well-behaved buck that we wanted to keep him. Unfortunately, his owners liked him too and did not want to part with him, so after borrowing him for ten days, we said our goodbyes.


Whether Mozart will leave his imprint on our herd or not remains to be seen. Our does have tricked us before and Esmeralda especially is one bossy goat lady!

Our goat male issue at the Ark has since found a permanent solution, but that’s to be told in another post… :-)

Warm greetings from the herd of Isthar’s Ark!