This past rainy season, I discovered a new food: guna. A part of the citrullis family, guna is a wild melon that grows in the rainy season throughout the Tanout area. Wanting to learn from the Eden farmers, I brought some guna melons from the field station with me home.


So how do you try a new food for the first time? Raw, it tasted like a mix of yellow melon and zuccini, so I decided to try it in a simple pasta dish, mixing it with onions and tomatoes.


I was not disappointed. I love food that stays crisp in texture (which the guna melon does, in contrary to zuccini) and the subtle melon taste gave an exciting additional depth. As with most of the Lost Treasures of Eden, guna belongs to the social class of “famine food”, but that does not frighten the Eden farmers, who are proud harvesters of Nature’s Pantry. Personally, I am happy to have discovered this new food, which I have since tried in a number of casseroles. Let’s see what I get to blog about next!

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