It happened at 3.10 am last night. Arwen had been telling us that she was ready for about a week, but this was the night when her milk turned white and her body broke into a sweat. Diva was arriving.


A strong little filly, she voiced her arrival and fought hard to rise on her bambi legs. She did not give up. Within an hour after delivery, she was up and nursing and Arwen had delivered her placenta in full. It was a perfect delivery!


The following day, we got to enjoy the presence of the little newborn.



I still haven’t gotten over the surprise that she is black! Does that mean she will stay black?


The inside of her ears suggests that she might turn bay, but I am no expert.


All I know is that her only white mark – her mother’s back leg white sock – is there to stay.


As for the rest of the critters of Ishtar’s Ark, they are all following the recent development. Foaling is definitively more exciting than television!


The other equines ladies take a particular interest in the little newborn.


Isolde in particular cannot take her eyes of her little sister.


Every time Diva calls out, the rest of the herd responds. There are many surrogate mothers queuing for this little one!


As for the name, I wanted a name including the “v” from Arwen, and with a sire named Bimbo, both Anette and I settled on Diva. Whether she lives up to the name in attitude or not, we’ll have to see – but for now, everything she has shown us shows that she is a force to be reckoned with. And we are looking forward to many days with this lovely filly!

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