We have been going up to the field station a lot lately and on our last journey, we met a German trio who were crossing West Africa from West to East.


When we met them at the Zinder police stop, they wanted to travel to north Agadez and then up to Bilma, but they had just missed the convoy and would have to wait another two days.


We spoke for an hour about different routes and off-road driving. When we parted, they had made up their minds to go East to Chad instead of waiting in Zinder; stopping by Mirriah, Guidimouni and the Termit massive. True to modern times, we swapped blog addresses (lol!). Theirs was easy as it was written on their car. Although they write in German, the pictures are gorgeous and I’m looking forward to them blogging about Zinder soon. If you want to visit, click here!