Left to right: (Arwen), Diva, Daya & Tabita (with Sheba behind Daya and Tabita)

We are having a wonderful time with Diva, though life right now is very busy and I haven’t had many moments to update.  It never ceases to amaze me how different every equine is from another. Although Diva is Arwen’s daughter, our newborn filly bears little resemblance to either her mother or her sister Isolde. Instead, she seems determined to prove the world that there is such a thing as “the Diva way”, and we the humans around her simply have to learn how that world is connected to ours. She is a lovely little being and our first week together has been very smooth.


At first, Diva was very shy and kept her distance to humans, though not out of fear but simply because she didn’t seem to want to.


A bridge however was quickly built through the amazing effects of human scratching, where an equine’s head cannot reach. Within a few days, Diva had overcome her inbuilt withdrawal from humans.


After a few days, we took Diva for her first walk down the street (which was very exciting!),


…which went so well that only a week after, she joined us for a walk in the Zinder bush. At this age, she is probably the strongest of all our fillies and is determined to do things the “Diva way”. What that exactly is has yet to be shown, but we are enjoying every new day with this little one and looking forward to many moments at home as well as outings in the bush!

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