I promised I would share Diva’s first outing with you as soon as the Internet allowed it, but it has certainly not been easy uploading pictures these days! But better soon than later, and anything that happens for the first time is definitively worth sharing!


Diva was certainly young when she got to join us for a ride in the Zinder bush for the first time, and I notice that for every filly we have at the ark, we grow more and more relaxed about including them in our daily lives.


Isolde was two months when she got to cross the street for the first time; Kalahari was two weeks and then Diva at the tender age of seven days. But she loved it!


We did not overdo it but simply took our two favourite senior girls for a simple walk in the bush.


As always, Sheba our mature two-year-old ridgeback came along as the official herd guardian – a job she takes very seriously!


In the case of Arwen and Diva, Diva was definitively more ready for the bush than her mother. But after a few minutes, Arwen calmed down and enjoyed the beautiful scenery together with the rest of the herd.


As for Diva, she was full of life and swamped up all sorts of new impressions. What a playground for a little filly!


While Arwen walked, Diva ambled, cantered and galloped around her. After 40 min of powerwalking à la Arwen, Diva was still not tired!


Her excess energy wore off after a while,


…and she settled down close to her mother.


This is the part I love so much; riding my beloved mare with a beautiful filly extension by the side! The Zinder bush spoils us with all its freedom and beautiful paths, safe even for newborns!


Miss Prairie asked me if she was gaited, and yes, she ambles beautifully, lifting the back part of her body to an elegant dance. She will be a beautiful horse when she grows up!


All that said, we have now experienced our third week with Diva and she is growing big! No wonder, since she is already eating bran mash, peanut hay and dried grass.


Looking forward to our next week together!