One of the things I love about our horses is how they always want us to know they’re ready for action. Ivory, Isolde and Kalahari – our three “youngsters” at the Ark (with Diva being the baby) – all in need of special attention and cuddles. I love a horse that wants to work and I love how all our equine teenagers are drawn to humans. In their minds, humans are the best thing! That’s quite a compliment, but also a responsibility to live up to. I’m grateful how grounded they all are. They all have their unique personality but there is room and appreciation for their differences. Isolde is the introvert perfectionist who freezes when things go wrong. Kalahari is the inquisitive explorer who let’s us know exactly what she thinks and what she thinks you should do about it. Ivory is the late bloomer who is stepping into adult maturity while maintaining a touch of childhood innocence. All of them different, all of them unique, but all of them eager to work with us, each equine in its own way. We are very proud of them!