Having two “newborns” at the Ark has not made us forget our older fillies. Kalahari, soon to be two, is her mother’s lookalike and stunningly beautiful. Like Isolde, Kalahari lets us know that she is serious about working with humans and can’t wait for her turn to carry the saddle. In the meantime, she gets to enjoy rides in the bush, both on leash and without (the bush is a great place for letting the horses lose!).


We recently introduced her to water (having discovered she was weary of it!), and once she got her hooves wet, Kalahari fell in love with it instantly. Just like her mother Sahara, she could not stop splashing herself. What a playground to discover!


We stayed throughout the beautiful sunset, which was enhaced by the lake.


Riding home in the dark is never a problem as long as the sky is free from clouds, for even the starlight here in this part of the world is strong enough to light up the path.

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