It wasn’t long ago that Sheba detected a mystery. A man on Eden Street whom she had never met before acted suspiciously upon Ordinary RR Scrutiny and escaped inspection by running back from the gates he had come from. This was not the first time Sheba found a gate being closed to her, but it was definitively the first time someone shut a gate in front of her eyes, and she found the behaviour mind-boggling.


Having concluded that the man must be in serious need of hiding some unpropper business, Sheba took the matter very seriously. For days, she stopped at the same gate where the incident took place, waiting for the man to come out again so she could inspect him properly. For those who don’t know the RR routine of Eden Street; Sheba is the street patrol dog who knows exactly who belongs to her street and who doesn’t. She normally doesn’t make contact with newcomers before seeing them for the third or fourth time, at which she will approach and inspect “character credibility”. The one thing not to do in order pass the RR inspection is to run away and hide.


For days, Sheba kept staring through the gates, looking for the suspicious man. “He came from in there, and went back in there. Therefore, he must still BE there! Humans are creatures of habit too.”


“Esther! Why are you smiling and taking pictures when we should be inside catching the suspect? I’m pretty certain that from the looks of his escape, he must be a professional thief or even worse! People simply do not run away from me unless they have something to hide!” Sheba was distraught. Why wasn’t her owner taking her seriously? Why wasn’t she helping her by opening the gates and allowing the dutiful RR to resume inspection and clear the grounds?? This was serious business!


“Well if you won’t take me seriously but just stand there and take pictures, I will have to ask the neighbours if they have seen or heard anything.” As it happened, all canines on Eden Street concluded that the suspicious man had not showed himself on Eden street again, and it seems unlikely that he will appear again, as everybody knows that an official RR inspection will be waiting for him. And not everybody is willing to make friends with Zinder’s only Lion Hunting Dog.

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