Remember last week’s Monday post, “A Ride into the Heart of the Zinder Bush”? I promised there was more to come.


On our way back, we rode by the Dadin Serki tapki – another beloved place in the heart of the Zinder bush.


We dropped in just as a herd of zebu cows was leaving, having quenched their thirst.


I love zebu cows. I find them beautiful and peaceful, never ones to wage their horns in war unless severely provoked.


For my friend Karin, who was visiting from Sweden, there was so much to see,


…but after a several hour long ride, Sheba had no eye but photogenical details but headed straight for the waterplace!


“Ah – perfect!”


It’s amazing how I can find my ridgeback beautiful in all situations, even when she is sunbathing in mud… But such is the heart of a proud human companion! :-D


Speaking of mud, the villagers were busy making bricks, which sell easily here in Niger.


One of the things I love about Niger is how happy people are to show their work and had we not already been out for so long, I could have easily spend a few hours just following the work.


As time was calling us back home, we moved down the lake where we met another herd of zebu cows, this one arriving to drink.


My ridgeback is obviously not the only animal in West Africa who likes to take a dip in the water, but this zebu cow did not seem to enjoy herself quite as much Sheba. Perhaps she was looking for crocodiles? Sheba would have told her not to worry, as there are none in these seasonal lakes. They do not last the entire year.


Arwen, my faithful equine companion, was not too happy about the zebu cows,


…but she was definitively keen on splashing her belly with cold mud! Little did she care that she was splashing me too, and truthfully, neither did I – as life quality goes beyond a few splashes of cold mud!


Trying to take a perfect picture is always an interesting happening, as every critter is busy doing it’s own thing.


Sheba sat down and looked as I tried to get my mud-splashing horse to face the camera,


…but eventually she got the mission and that was that!


We ambled home under a beautiful glowing sun,


…but for Sheba, the water adventures were not over as there was still one lake to visit before we were home.


The silly ducks were curious as to whom Sheba was, and Sheba was eager for another chase, but I let her know it was out of question, and she let the ducks swim about at their own pleasing. Fortunately, they did approach her again, or I could not have vouched for my ridgeback’s self-containment, as I could tell that yet again, a good chase was tickling in her veins.


We ended our several-hour-long journey with a ride through the Kanya village.


The women and children came out to greet us, making the perfect ending of a perfect ride. Thank you Africa for your wonderful hospitality!

I hope you enjoyed this part of West Africa. To experience other corners of the world, visit My World!