The word for foal in Hausa is ”dukunshi, and we have two of those at Isthar’s Ark. It’s such a treat to come back from work and find these two baby equines about in the garden, busy discovering every detail of their little world.


Diva (the darker one) is the more self-confident of the two, but after four weeks of walking behind his mother skirts, Zidane has finally broken the overdue umbilical cord and is now bravely tagging along his one month older “sister”, eager for new adventures.


Wherever Diva goes, Zidane follows, but unfortunately for Diva (who is such a sweet, well-tempered little equine girl), Zidane knows nothing about ordinary horse manners and keeps biting and buffing the very one whose protection and comfort he seeks. However, much like her older sister Isolde did when bullied by Kalahari, Diva just sighs and continues.


Having a little colt around is definitively different from having fillies, and what he lacks in female charm, Zidane makes up for with masculine beauty.


I have a feeling this little colt with make quite an impressive stallion one of these days!


In the meantime however, he can safely enjoy the comforts of a being baby colt, doted in every way by his protective mother. :-)

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