Dear readers! For nearly three years, you’ve joined me in my corner of West Africa. You’ve solar cooked with me; discovered famine foods of various kinds; ventured into the heart of the Zinder bush on ambling barb horses; explored the land; met the people; visited my neighbours; gone shopping (mostly tissue!) at the colourful Zinder market; been to traditional birth naming ceremonies and marriages; smiled at my ridgeback’s eager discoveries – but most importantly, learned about Eden’s work in Tanout.


With all my love for Africa; Eden remains the one reason why I am here. While the animals make me smile and the bush gives me room to breath, Eden gives my life meaning. I am grateful to be part of something so simple, yet so effective and beautiful. Eden is simple, but it brings the answer to thousands and thousands of people, who through the concept of Eden are able to live sustainable lives, independent of outside aid. Social research could not be more exciting than within Eden, where twenty-five years of hard work and dedication is now in full bloom.


And so ladies and gentlemen – to all of you who would like to know what I work with and social research is all about – I give you the new Eden blog!

Entitled “Stories from Edenland”, this blog will be posting shorter stories of the numerous “little things” that are taking place in the heart of Edenland. Featuring the lives of the human caretakers of the Eden Gardens, it will focus on the fruit of Eden’s twenty-five years in West Africa and shed light on the sustainable development now taking place amongst those previously considered “the poorest of the poor”. Last week’s post, entitled “Aishatu and Hashsha: Eden Girls with an Attitude!“  is already up and there are more to come. So go ahead and step into the one world I love more any other I know: the world of the Eden children, who thanks to the Eden Gardens set up by their parents, know no limitations to what they can achieve. In the heart of Edenland, there are endless opportunities; hope and understanding; laughter and joy.

Go ahead and visit, and you will soon know why Eden is what my life in Africa is all about.

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