Do you remember my father’s dog Sandy, “the unfortunate puppy”? He had such a serious series of mishaps and accidents when he was only nine weeks old and we weren’t sure he was going to make it. For several weeks, he couldn’t rise on his own, much less walk; wanting to do so much and crying out every time he couldn’t. Water therapy turned out to be a life saver, and because he found the concept of bathing quite humiliating, he fought to swim back to the shore. Soon enough, he outgrew me in strength in the water, allowing his self-confidence came back. Soon enough,he starting fighting on the ground; dragging himself about at first and then daring to walk after we put a towel underneath his belly. From then on, things sped forward, and suddenly, our big pup was running around like a Bambi on ice. Full recovery would take months, but from the day he regained his mobility, Sandy had full life quality again.


A year later, we find my father’s giant teddy bear bouncing about at the office; larger than his mother Sheba.


If you wonder how he grew so big, let me tell you that ridgeback males are way bigger than the females (Sheba’s father weighs 49 kg, compared to Sheba weighing “only” 34 kg…). On top of this, Sandy’s father Baghera is a quarter Bernese Mountain dog which explains the giant head and paws.


Although you can sometimes tell he had a rough start in his life, Sandy has full mobility today.


Running around with his mother Sheba is a favourite past time of his,


…and of course, Sheba will play with any dog who shares her love for ACTION.


Ridgeback wrestling is also on the daily morning menu,


… but after several weeks of training,


…Sheba is having finding it hard to win over Sandy,


…having passed on all her know-how…


After ten minutes, Sheba will say “OK, that’s enough”, and it won’t help no matter how much Sandy tries to coax her back into the game. Thankfully for our youthful giant, there’s always a new morning – and I have yet to see the day when Sheba says no thank you to a good game of RR wrestling, just because the adverasy was stronger than her… :-D

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