Writing from Taiwan, I am proud to announce that Ishtar’s Ark back home has seen the arrival of its first set of triplets!


Prior to giving birth, our five-year-old doe Esmeralda was big as a house! A “Maradi Red” who is known for having many kids at the same time; Esmeralda first time she gave birth to one goat kid (Allis). The coming year, she had a beautiful set of twins (Amanda and Raz).


This time, she had triplets! One boy and two girls.


The father is our very own Ishtar’s Tyson – who came after we had to hand back Mozart to his owners.


Newborn goats are so cute… The little buck has a white dot on his head. It certainly makes him original!


Once Esmeralda was done delivering and the goat kids were all up on their feet, Anette held a small goat party for the does and their offspring, celebrating the birth of five little ones this year!


As for the names, we have not yet decided what these newcomers will be called, but Anette is keen on “Antwon” for the boy and I think one of the girls look like a “Tilda”.

Name suggestions, anyone?