After nearly six weeks in Taipei, my time has come to go back to Niger. I am currently in China, battling the Internet at the airport lounge. I had hopes of posting several images from the sky (after all, this is my first landing in the world’s most populated country) but will settle for one… The journey itself is very long (48 hours) but it’s not surprising since I am first flying 12h east to Europe (through Paris) and then 6h south to Niger, with just as much waiting time inbetween the flights.  Hope I won’t be too exhausted when I land, since I will still have an additional 12-20 hour long bus ride from the capital to my hometown before I make it to my final destination…


Someone who thinks I have been gone for way too long is Sheba.


She has been pouting since I left and has been asking Anette daily wherever I have gone, and is Anette really sure that I’m not hiding in the house…?


(Could anyone possibly look more miserable??)

Well Sheba, don’t worry! You are my one treasure on this earth and I would not move anywhere without bringing you along! Looking forward to be seeing you and the rest of Ishtar’s Ark, the Zinder bush and Edenland very, very soon!