I arrived in Paris this morning and will leaving for Casablanca in a few hours. There’s little to say about the journey except that all is well; it’s a long journey and there are two flights more to come, but I should be landing in Niger in 17 hours and arrive in Zinder some 24 hours after that. While I sat waiting at the Paris airport, I went through the recent image archives and picked out some highlights from our six week long stay in Taiwan:


…Home-made Taiwanese food! Delicious and crisp – I loved how they often served a number of smaller dishes instead of one larger casserole…


…The delicious lattes made of real milk… lovely!


…The beautiful egrets of the Dahu lake,


…fruit tea! This was something we had never tried before coming to Taiwan and it was lovely!


…”Bandit” and his wonderful family, whom we stayed with for nearly four weeks,


…The reliable MRT system, which was always on time and took us around the just about the whole city!


…The inquisitive squirrels who inhabits the gardens of the Chan Kai Shek Memorial Hall


…The beautiful visuals of traditional Chinese outfits… (I only went window shopping however as my budget could not allow anything else…)


…Noodles in all forms, shapes and combinations…


…the stunningly beautiful mountain areas far from Taipei city…


…not to forget the clever city dogs of Taipei who knew how to cross the streets using the traffic lights (and there were many of them!)…


There are definitively many things I will take with me in my heart, and having been to Taiwan twice now, I have gone to know the country much better, and I don’t think my visit this year will be the last!


That said, time has flown away again and it is now time for me to board the plane. See you in a bit!