The first thing that happened after I landed in Zinder was that I was surrounded by Team Sheba (=Sheba and her daughters Daya, Ecco and Ronja) and not left unattended until my very tired self got to bed a few hours later…


When I woke up a few hours later (still on Taiwanese time), the same flock of canine guardians made sure to let me know they had cared about my security throughout the night and would not leave me unattended during the day either. Perhaps I needed guarding assistance indoors as well…?


Outside, the horses were waiting for breakfast and I was amazed at how Isolde, Kalahari, Diva and Zidane had grown!


Next up was the goat pen,


where Allis’ twins and Esmeralda’s triplets awaited.


I’m quite amazed at how a doe manages three at the same time when she only has room for two – but Esmeralda was quite patient.


My favourite of the five goat kids is Allis’ Klara!


Not only does her black and white coat catch the eye, but her face is very sweet and she is as photogenic as her mother was at the same age.


Goat kids aside, I was very happy to see our two does full of milk! In one day, I harvested a whole 1,5 liter (with lots more to the goat kids), which is about as much as one would expect from a milk cow in this country. Unfortunately, goat milk is too sharp to my taste to substitute cow milk (or it would have made the perfect latte!) but is perfect for making soft spread goat cheese.


Back inside, I immediately set my hands on making a solar dish casserole. The first one a very simple dish made of tomatoes, carrots, spring onions and fresh mynthe, which I later mixed with a box of lentils and served with rice. Simple but nice!


In the afternoon, I walked over to the office, and brought a happy Sheba along with me.


It’s not just Sheba that’s been missing me – to all dog owners who have found their perfect canine companion, I always feel as a part is missing these days when I’m gone.


Just have to keep all those RR kisses from my face though! :-)


The afternoon ended with an afternoon ride, wrapping up a perfect day!

Hope you are all enjoying your weekend!

Esther & Co