On Monday, Anette and I drove up the field station to get some work done.


Situated 140km north of Zinder, it’s a 2 hour drive.


I love the field station. Even now during hot season when everything is at its driest, new leaves are coming out – many of them edible and all of them green.


The 20 hectares of protected land make a special place for anybody who enjoys nature.


While the paths of full of animal footprints and droppings of various kinds,


…the only animal who posed for us on this particular day was a perfectly-camouflaged lizard.


Trusting his camouflage, he was more interested in his potential supper than us.


The supper in this case was a swarm of locusts.


Locusts come in waves, and rarely stay for a long period of time before moving to the next place.


Farmers who rely on monoculture are much more vulnerable to locusts than the Eden farmers, whose various species of trees and bushes provide fruits and leaves at different times during the year. Should one species be severally attacked at the time of flowering or fruiting, other harvests will follow, allowing the farmers and their families to continue their lives with very little damage. It’s a wonderful concept, and so easy too.


As we walked amongst the trees and bushes and prepared for the coming sowing season,


…the sun set and offered a beautiful pink canvas, seemingly just for us!


We came home late in the evening but the day was well spent, and although Anette will not be going back to the field station before she leaves Niger on Monday, I will be back soon.

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