With five goat kids this season,


our goat baby daycare center is a busy place,


…with lots of little ones constantly up to mischief!


They all so very cute,


…but how do you tell which one is which?


Let me present them to you!


This is Filip, the son of our black doe Allis and the multi-coloured Mozart who visited us before the Tabaski feast. He is very sweet looking and Anette has had a soft spot for him since the day he was born.


This is his twin sister Klara (named after a Swedish cow because of her black and white pattern). She is very sweet and appreciated by everyone.


Antwon is our second buck; one of the triplets born to Esmeralda and our very own Tyson, who took over the “buck tasks” after Mozart’s departure.


Tyra, the second of our triplets, is in my taste the most beautiful of all the goat kids, with her deep red coat with black lines (just the way I always wanted my goats!). She is elegant and stylish and takes after her mother Esmeralda.


Baby Tilda is the smallest of the triplets and hence the cleverest. What she lacks in body strength, she has made up for in cleverness and she knows how to speak to humans. How else is she going to get a serving when her brother Antwon and sister Tyra have taken everything and mother Esmeralda says dinner time is over? Luckily for Tilda, Allis has a lot of milk to spare, for to be allowed to feed from 3 year older sis with her own two twins, Tilda needs some helping hands… So as soon as she sees us humans, she knows she gets to eat! Clever girl.




Warm greetings from Ishtar’s Ark!