One of the things that Sheba, my Rhodesian ridgeback, loves the most is when I take her to the nearest seasonal lake (tapki) for an afternoon ride after work.


Often, the sunsets are bright and beautiful, transforming this giant pool of mud into a beautiful sky canvas.


I could sit here forever watching the dogs bathe and the sun go down over an acacia-clad horizon. This is what I grew up with and this is what I love.


Once the dogs were done however, we ventured deeper into the Zinder bush,


…past ancient acacia and baobab tree…


…towards the second Kanya tapki that still holds water at this time of the year (the end of a nine month long hot season).


After a nine month long period of dryness, the larger Kanya tapki has almost dried out, but the kids dogs found a wet pool to go mud bathing,


…while I took pictures of the newly made mud bricks.


Sheba came up to see what I was doing,


…and then we watched the sky go pink together. I love how so many of our most beautiful moments come without a price; all we have to do is to take a moment, stop, breath and enjoy. Sheba, the horses and the African bush help me do that, and as a result, I am all the richer – a collector of Little Things, of personal life quality moments. I hope you enjoyed too!

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