On Monday last week, I posted about the baobab leaves coming out, providing its owners with valuable, nutritious leafy vegetables.


I love baobab leaves. They are mild in taste and remind me of spinach. You can cook them accordingly, or even eat them raw.


New leaves however is not all that the baobab tree has to offer at this time a year, and on last week’s ride, something turquoise caught my attention. Can you see him amongst the foliage above?


Meet the Abyssinian Roller [Coracias abyssinica], also a permanent bird resident of this part of the world and a constant enhancer of nature!


The Abyssinian Roller has a beautiful head, spectacular plumage (I love the “finishing touch” with the two long feathers at the end!) and a daring personality, which means he doesn’t shy away from the camera too easily!

For more pictures of this beauty (this batch from our garden), click here!

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