It’s not every day that I post something directly after it has happened, but I just experienced my first Maduhu storm (see the picture above) and let me tell you: it was NOT pleasant!!! Here I was thinking I knew “sand storms”, but I obviously did not know what a Maduhu storm meant! The word “duhu” means darkness and that’s exactly what happened: a Forever Moment of pitch darkness, followed by blistering sand, hail and massive downpour of rain. I was only a 15 minute walk outside of Zinder city but got stranded in the bush outside town with two dogs, two horses and my little nieces age 3 and 5! They were super brave, but my, what an experience!! All ended well (thank you, God!), but here is one thing on earth I hope never to have to experience again! Our friends are saying the last Maduhu storm occurred in the eighties (!), so no wonder we didn’t know it even existed… Maybe I’ll be some fifty year old when such a thing sneaks up on my from behind and able to avoid getting trapped in the bush. But it certainly moved faster than anything else I’ve ever experienced!

Will tell you all about it tomorrow (if the Internet is working properly)… Am completely wiped out, which doesn’t happen often, but this storm was NOT something I had anticipated when taking my adorable nieces out for a “short” 30 min ride!