With more than five hundred bird species visiting Niger yearly, I am always on the lookout for new species. One thing is to hear and see them, but the challenge is always to capture them on camera!


One of my favourite birds in the wild (we have one at home too) is the African Ringnecked Parakeet [Psittacula krameri], also known as the Rose-ringed Parakeet. A noisy individual, it is a small bird with big character and I absolutely adore it!


I always hear it before I see it. The call of an African Ringnecked Parakeet cannot be mistaken, and they will always let you know when they found something delicate to eat!


One evening as I was riding back home from a long ride in the bush, I encountered a whole flock of them.


Lost in a world of their own, they were feeding on the fruits of a tree and calling out for others to join them.


Of course, the invitation did not extend to humans or equines, but I enjoyed watching them fly to the next tree where the party continued. Parakeet’s are amazing characters because of their tremendous joie-de-vivre, and I am happy to be enjoying them in the wild!

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