I woke up with excess energy this morning and decided to take Diva for some halter training on the street! She did great… but I wasn’t expecting anything else, because she’s such an easy personality to work with. :-) That’s my “Arwen’s girl”! Isaku brought along her mother (which made the whole thing easier, but I think she would have done well even without her mother present),


…and Sheba and her two daughters Daya and Ronja accompanied us.


Of course, Team Sheba thought that our very own mud pool right outside our gate was the highlight of the excursion!


The only question in Sheba’s mind was whether the horses had plans to share the space as well…?


But nope… only her daughter Ronja!


Diva was fully satisfied just getting her muzzle wet.


Hope you’re all enjoying your weekend!

Warm greetings from Ishtar’s Ark!

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