After we had been to watch some races at the race track with Sheba (if you missed this post – and you really wouldn’t want to! – click here!),


…my friend and I left the track and ventured into the Zinder bush, as there was still light to enjoy the beautiful untouched scenery that I love so much.


The sun was setting beautifully to our right,



…but it was the cloud canvas at the opposite horizon that caught my attention!



There’s nothing like a good rainy season sky!


As the sun dipped away,


…we stopped by own of my favourite palm trees to take some pictures.


Sheba asked for an ice water drink (which she got, of course),


…and while on the ground (as opposed to on my moving equine partner Arwen who cares little for still photoshootings when all she wants is to WORK) I fell in love with the purple cloud canvas taking place behind the palm tree.


The opposite horizon may have grown jealous because all of a sudden, it too was starting to produce colours!


Although the sun had set, the lights were far from out, and my friend and I continued along the trail to “Midik country”, which is one of the places where time stand still.


Suddenly, the cloud canvas was touched by the pink sunset rays of light,


…and I told my friend – who had never been on horse before – to pose for a personal memory.


Sheba of course wanted to join! :-)


I loved this shot of Ebony and my friend, and so did he! Short on light, we galloped home, our eager horses stretching their legs in the soft sand. My friends was in awe – he said he now had a new favourite animal next to the camels that he grew up with, and can’t wait to come back to Zinder again so we can hit those beautiful bush trails! And set under a stunningly beautiful West African sky, what else could I ask for? It was the perfect afternoon and I hope you got to enjoy some of it too!

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