I am back in Zinder after a wonderful time in Tanout. It was amazing… I wasn’t feeling well when we drove up but we got the job done on Wednesday and then I stayed the night, falling asleep under the stars and waking up to a purple-blue sunrise. After breakfast, we went for a little tour through the Eden village and then to a nearby nomad camp, that was just packing up to leave. I had an awesome time! Beautiful nature, sunny skies, friendly people and cuddle critters is everything I need to lose myself in the moment! I have a whole camera packed with beautiful memories but the Internet is very slow right now so the posts will have to wait a day or two… but stay tuned! As for the image above, the nomads asked me if I wanted to ride their camel – and to this day, I have never said no thank you to the opportunity to ride these beautiful creatures! They warned me that the saddle was lose fitted (it sure was!) and the camel was quite young too and not as broad as the others I have sat on, but they showed me how I had to hold on to the long hairs on the back, and that did the trick.

Hope to be posting more images soon!

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